Our History

Hartman Family

Morgan & Rebekah Hartman & Family

Black Queen Angus Farm is a family farm owned and operated by Morgan and Rebekah Hartman, Terry Lamphere, and Pete VonSchilgen.

Shortly after Rebekah and Morgan were married in 2001 they bought a registered Angus bull in partnership with Rebekah’s dad, Terry.  That bull sired some wonderful cattle that are still in production today at Terry’s Hill Hollow Farm.

That original purchase, followed closely by the purchase of a registered Angus cow from the Queen tribe led Morgan and Rebekah to start a tiny herd of registered Angus cattle that lived along side Terry’s commercial cattle.

In 2006, Morgan and family friend Pete VonSchilgen, along with Terry, began thinking in earnest about the type of Angus cattle and under what production model would work best in our hilly, poorly drained part of the country.  At the suggestion of our friend and mentor, Sam Wylie (Octoraro Angus, Breezewood, PA), we started reading the Stockman Grassfarmer Magazine and Graze Magazine for tips on “least-cost production” of cattle.

That reading, talking with additional mentors Bill Hodge and Randy Sipe, along with reading The Breed of Noble Bloods, by Jim Lingle, founder of the legendary Wye Angus Herd in Queenstown, MD, further led us down the road of being grass-farmers and line-breeders of Aberdeen Angus cattle.

In 2007 the opportunity came about to lease a sizable farm in our town of Berlin, NY.  At the same time we decided to create Black Queen Angus Farm, LLC and to really get into the business of raising and direct marketing grass-fed beef and registered Angus breeding stock.

Four years later, here in the present of 2011, Black Queen Angus Farm, LLC is comprised of a herd of both registered and commercial Black Angus cattle, annual groups of pastured pigs, and soon there will be pastured poultry, sheep and goats to help us manage our forages in a holistic, bio-dynamic way.

The grass-fed beef and pastured pork we raise have proven a hit with local individuals, restaurants and food critics alike.

We look forward to moving into the future practicing this regenerative, sustainable form of agriculture and supplying families, restaurants, and food co-ops with our all natural, 100% grass-fed, nutrient dense beef.

Helping us along the way are Morgan and Rebekah’s kids, Gable (9), Graziella (4), and George (2) as well as our wonderful and generous customers.